Customer Testimonials

I Sleep Better at Night with ZEMBREN

" I have been taking ZEMBREN for 2 years. I used to be very impatience, having difficulties to sleep at night and sometimes I experienced muscle pain due to my stress at work. ZEMBREN has helped me to sleep better at night and I felt more relaxed. "
Annanray A/C Koilpulai

TRUFLEX™ Was Unbelievable Helpful To Me!

" I have tried many painkillers to relieve my stiffness & Joint pain, but all don’t seem to work. After taking TRUFLEX™ for 2 weeks, the stiffness & pain have significantly reduced! TRUFLEX™ was unbelievable helpful to me! "
Wong Kim Hiong

Didn't Trust Until I Tried!

" I play table tennis 5 hours each day, 5 days per week. Didn’t trust until tried! TRUFLEX ™ really helps to manage my tears, pain and swells. "
James Chen Chee Keong

TRUFLEX™ (关节炎救星)

" 开始时,我的膝盖只是在蹲下和站起来时才痛,那时,我不在意,认为只要不蹲就没问题,就不会痛,直到膝盖肿了,我才意识到它的严重性,于是去院检查及做了二次PRP 手术,但无完全的康复。 有一天,我在LIFE FACTOR Page 看到 TRUFLEX™ (关节炎救星),经过询问,决定要服用TRUFLEX™来解决膝盖疼痛的问题。在服用TRUFLEX™两个星期后,我发现在蹲下和站起来时,膝盖舒服多了,也没有那么痛了。现在我已开始服用第二瓶,TRUFLEX™非常有效,我的膝盖也不会再痛了。我也把TRUFLEX™介绍朋友,朋友都赞不绝口,谢谢LIFE FACTOR! "