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ImmunaBerry™ ImmunaBerry™ ImmunaBerry™


ImmunaBerry™ is an evidence-based, 8-in-1 proprietary blend of European Black Elderberry extract (ElderCraft®), Yeast Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6 (Wellmune®), Vitamin C (PureWay-C®), Organic Baobab, Organic Cactus Fruit extract, Lactoferrin, Prebiotic Inulin & Zinc, to support optimum antioxidant & immune potential of our body.

  • Supports the immune system associated with colds
  • Decreases cold/flu symptomatic days
  • Relieves cold symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, cough, sneezing, nasal congestion and body heatiness
  • Reduces frequency and severity of eye/nasal allergy
  • Provides strong antioxidant protection
  • Strengthens gut barrier

-- Scientifically formulated with research-supported ingredients --


The European Black Elderberry, also called Sambucus nigra L. with its variety “Haschberg”, is a rich source of natural flavonoids & anthocyanins. Backed by numerous clinical studies on strengthening the immune system, these berries exhibit prominent protection against the influenza virus.

ElderCraft® is a premium grade of European Black Elderberry extract by IPRONA (Italy), made from the freshest berries via an exclusive mechanical and ultra-filtration process, with each sachet containing equivalent of 13690mg fresh European Black Elderberries.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study, ElderCraft® relieved upper respiratory tract infections in intercontinental air travellers. On average, subjects suffered 51.3% fewer days with cold symptoms and reported a 57.6% lower symptom severity score. The study found that the elderberry extract had significant benefits to upper respiratory tract health.

  • Relieves symptoms of colds/flu
  • Fights against influenza


Wellmune® YEAST BETA GLUCANS 1,3/1,6
The Nature’s Immune Enhancer

Wellmune® is the world’s leading yeast beta glucans 1-3/1-6 with substantial clinical evidence on immune support and upper respiratory health. Wellmune® is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certified in the U.S and backed by 30 international patents. This award-winning ingredient is 100% natural with clinically proven benefits:

  • Reduces frequency and severity of eye & nasal allergy symptoms
  • Reduces upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms
  • Decreases cold/flu symptomatic days
  • Reduces days of absence from work/school
  • Reduces fever, better physical health
  • Reduces fatigue, tension and mental confusion, increases vigour


The New Standard Vitamin C

PureWay-C® is a clinically proven form of Vitamin C that is optimized by lipid metabolites and citrus bioflavonoids. This synergism makes PureWay-C® more rapidly absorbed (233% higher) with a far more superior retention rate than other forms of Vitamin C including Ester-C.

In PureWay-C®, the lipid metabolites act as ascorbic acid carriers to increase intestinal absorption and vascular distribution of Vitamin C, thus allowing the Vitamin C to enter cells in a safe, quick and effective manner. Citrus bioflavonoids protect Vitamin C from oxidation and enhance the antioxidant potency of PureWay-C®.


The Extraordinary Source of Antioxidant & Vitamin C

Symbol of Africa, baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) is a majestic and impressive tree, also called “Africa’s tree of life”. Baobab fruit has been traditionally consumed for centuries in Africa for its wide range of nutritional and medicinal properties. More recently, baobab fruit pulp has been referred to as the new valuable “Superfruit” based on its unique nutritional profile.

Baobab is a rich source of Vitamin C, which is up to 4 times higher than kiwi fruit, 8 times higher than strawberry, 10 times higher than orange, and 38 times higher than peach.



Naturally packed with antioxidant indicaxanthin that helps protect the body from free radicals



Iron-binding glycoprotein naturally found in human milk that has anti-bacterial and immune boosting properties



Reinforces digestive functions by improving the growth of good bacteria and maintaining healthy intestines



Intensifying numerous immune activities including improving maturation & function of immune cells


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