Zembren Twin Pack
Zembren Twin Pack

Zembren Twin Pack

Relax, Focus,
Regain Your Confidence!

Zembren Antistress Formula Support

  • relaxation & calmness
  • memory and cognitive performance
  • better sleep quality
  • learning and executive function
  • a feeling of confidence and security
  • non-habit forming relief

Public speaking, flying, a job interview, corporate meetings, a major deadline or final exam, for those with occasional anxiety, these situations can trigger instant and overwhelming feelings of nervousness, apprehension, irritability and insecurity. Some simply cannot function.

Whether you are students, professionals or elderly, when your body is in a state of on-stress, cortisol level rise and hormone levels fluctuate. Consistently high stress levels can negatively affect your physical and mental state, which may lead to depression and other serious health problems.


Sceletium Tortuosum is an indigenous cactus plant grown in South Africa where it has been used for over 300 years to elevate mood, reduce stress and promote feelings of relaxation. Sceletium tortuosum has also been targeted due to its application in the help of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.


LIFE FACTOR ZEMBREN CAPSULE  is formulated with the world’s only patented and clinically proven standardised extract of Sceletium tortuosum (U.S. Patent #6,288,104, U.S. Patent #8,552,051), representing the full, unaltered phytochemical profile of the plant. Targeting the feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways, LIFE FACTOR ZEMBREN CAPSULE is designed to quickly calm your mind. This natural product helps to replenish.

LIFE FACTOR ZEMBREN CAPSULE contains full clinical dosage (25mg) of sceletium tortuosum and it is approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.





Remember that even if you have a lengthy history of stress and anxiety, always remind yourself to maintain a positive attitude, and realise that you truly can take productive steps forward to reduce your stress and anxiousness.

Before turning to the uncertainty of medication to treat anxiousness, confidently face your day with Zembren. This fast acting, non-drowsy formula is designed to quickly calm your mind, helping to replenish your body’s stress coping potential. Experience Zembren for experiential relief you can trust.



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