Collastin Plus Twin Pack
Collastin Plus Twin Pack

Collastin Plus Twin Pack

  • Improves healthy skin complexion
  • Boosts collagen & elastin synthesis
  • Provides powerful antioxidant protection
  • Enhances skin's moisture
  • Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles
  • Tones sagging skin.

2 x 21’s Free 10’s worth RM109



Crowned as the best whitening collagen in 2016, COLLASTIN® PLUS is now even better. Formulated with 4 distinctive blends of nutricosmetics, COLLASTIN® PLUS visibly corrects common signs of ageing, returning your skin to the bloom of youth.


Skin Activating Concentrate

Skin Activating Concentrate is a signature blend of patented rose placenta & rose petal extract ( # JP3818483). Found at the heart of young plant, Rose Placenta promotes Epidermal Growth Factor(EGF) synthesis, increases cells' turnover and stimulates fibroblast cells for collagen growth. When Rose Placenta is synergized with rose petal extract, this wholesome rose concentrate demonstrates powerful tyrosinase inhibition, helping to control the overproduction of melanin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and further tanning for brighter skin integrity.


Hydroceramide Complex

Hydroceramide Complex is a synergistic result of phytoceramide and hyaluronic acid extracted from glutahthione- producing yeast and Tremella. It improves skin's moisture levels, providing the skin with a first line of defence against the effects of dehydration.


Whitening Antioxidant Matrix

Made from French red grapes, torula yeast and a variety blend of natural berries, this powerful Whitening Antioxidant Matrix delivers L- glutathione in its active reduced form, with proven absorption rate up to 90% (P<0.01) from 60 to 120 min after supplementation (KOHJIN Lifesciences, Ltd, et al, 2014). It also delivers high levels of polyphenols especially OPC which helps to neutralize free radicals, protect collagen fibers from free radical and UV damage, expedite sunburn recovery, and aids in liver detoxification.


Bioactive Marine Complex

Comprise of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, elastin peptides and collagen tripeptides, the youth-enhancing effect of this trio shows significant firming, anti-wrinkle and skin moisturizing effects. This bioactive marine complex is harvested from cod fish of the North Atlantic Ocean. It has low molecular structure thus easily absorbed.


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